My Classes, My Career.

My classes have made me realize a lot about what I want in my career. I used to want to be an anesthesiologist, but organic chemistry killed my hopes and dreams. I realized I didn’t want to spend a majority of my life in school and the rest working. I wanted something flexible so I still have time to do things I enjoy and spend time with my family. Which is why I chose HDO!

All of the classes I’ve had to take for my HDO degree have made me think differently about my career. There are so many options and opportunities in the world, especially with a business degree. I’ve always been interested in sales because it would be fun to talk to people and always have a goal to reach. Sales would keep me motivated and excited.

Another thing I’m interested in is opening my own yoga studio. I’ve realized I can do that with my degree; I can be my own boss. I can do something I love, make a career out of it, and have lots of fun. Who wouldn’t want that? In my classes I’ve learned how to handle conflicts, I’ve learned about habits, how people think, how to run a successful business, so many things. All of what I’ve learned can be applied in various areas of business and a lot of other careers.

All I want to do is have a career that I enjoy (and that I’m good at) and live my life. I’m a pretty simple person, so I stick to my simple goals. I want to have fun.

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