Note to Self:

I promise you’re fine; you’ll be okay.

What you’re feeling is normal, and you are normal. It is okay to feel upset. You cannot stop from feeling, you can only go through the motions. You won’t be overcome by them because you are strong enough to handle this.

Do not lash out on other people for what you are feeling. Walk away, take a moment to evaluate yourself and the reasons you feel this way.

You are normal.

Your insecurities can be worked out. It takes time, but you can do it. Do not let others feed into your insecurities. What they think doesn’t matter. They are not the cause of said insecurities, therefore they have no power to enhance them. Insecurities are not necessarily caused by people but by actions. Something happened to bring this out of you, think about what it was. Trauma? Trust broken? Abandonment?

You are beautiful in your own way, physically and spiritually. You have a lovely soul. Continue to be the best person you can be, continue to grow and become more understanding, compassionate, and loving. You are capable of doing so.

You are not out of place. You have a purpose. There is a reason you are here. Your life is not a coincidence or an accident. You’re allowed to be lost and confused, you’re not the only one.

Sometimes you feel alone because no one understands why you feel the way you do – don’t worry about that. You have to understand it before anyone else, and when you do, it will be so much easier to explain. Some people won’t care about your feelings, and that’s okay, too. Find people who care and who will try to understand. The act of trying means the most; they’re putting in effort.

It’s okay to be vulnerable. Pain is a part of life, and you can’t live in fear of what could happen. If your fears become reality, it does not mean it’s okay to be afraid forever. You’re allowed to have your guard up, but you have to let it back down. Wounds heal, the damage doesn’t last forever.

Talk. When you know how you feel and why, talk about it. Holding it in doesn’t benefit you but telling others does. Allowing them to enter your thought process helps them understand. Then you won’t feel so alone.

Not everyone can help you. Some people don’t know what the right thing to say is, and it’s not their fault. Don’t hold it against them. If they listen and attempt to help, appreciate it.

You’re strong enough to handle anything thrown your way. You’ve made it this far, so you just have to keep going. You will be okay.

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