50 Things That Make Me Happy.

I decided to make a list of 50 things that make me happy because sometimes we forget about the good things in life. We sometimes forget to appreciate the little, ordinary things.

  1. Spending time with my family. I love to hangout with my family because they are my best friends. I don’t want time to fly by and regret not spending enough time with them.
  2. Dogs. I love dogs so much! They are such happy creatures and can always make your day brighter. IMG_9587
  3. Tea. I really enjoy tea because there are so many different flavors and ways to drink it. I like hot tea and kombucha (fermented tea).
  4. Hot showers and baths. A hot shower or hot bath to soak in always relaxes me after a stressful day. I will usually put in a bath bomb and Epsom salts to nourish my skin and relax my muscles even more.
  5. Coffee. I’m not the kind of person who can drink coffee black, but I do like to use flavored creamers. My favorite is sugar cookie; I really have a sweet tooth! Having a cup of coffee just warms you from the inside out, and the caffeine gives you a nice kick to start your day.
  6. Fruit. Fruit has always been my favorite thing to eat since I was little. My grandma would always call me the fruit fairy because it’s what I always asked for! I don’t have a favorite fruit because I can’t choose.
  7. Nature. I love nature. I love the trees, flowers, rivers, everything. A nature walk really helps me get grounded when I’m feeling overwhelmed. The aroma is extremely calming to me, especially after it rains. IMG_9467.JPG
  8. Dark chocolate. Dove’s dark chocolate is by far my favorite candy. It’s so smooth and melts in your mouth.
  9. Nice people. I really like nice people. I appreciate those  who are always kind because they can change someone’s entire day. Your kindness has a major effect on people! Try to make them smile.
  10. Yoga. Yoga is a great way to stretch your muscles and clear your mind. There are so many variations of poses and practices. Depending on how your body is feeling, you can choose which is the best for you.
  11. Space. I’ve always thought space was interesting. I like to learn about the atmospheres of different planets, but my favorite thing to learn about is black holes. They’re so mysterious and destructive. Did you know some of them actually move through space? It’s amazing!
  12. The sun. I have always loved the sun, even though it burns me sometimes. I love when it’s super hot outside, but I also really like the sunshine in general. When it’s cloudy and muggy outside, I find that I’m not as happy. I love the naturally bright colors we have in the world, so I think that might be the reason why.
  13. Clouds. Cloud watching is so much fun to me. Not only do I enjoy finding shapes, but I enjoy watching them move and shift. There’s just something surreal about watching the clouds move in the sky; I feel so still.
  14. Art. I like all kinds of art. Seeing things people create is interesting to me because you can portray so many things through what you make.
  15. Colors. I love colors so much. I like all of the different color combinations you can make and all the different shades.
  16. Technology. Of course there are times where I’m not a huge fan of technology, but I think all of the advancements we’ve made through the years are very cool. I also enjoy that we’re able to connect with others across the world.
  17. Sleep. Sleeping is probably one of my favorite activities. It’s a way to relax your mind and escape for a little while. I have a lot of dreams, and I think it’s cool to be able to experience an alternate reality for a few hours.
  18. Late night drives. Late night drives are one of the most fun, relaxing things to do. Driving on the open road, listening to music, surrounded by city lights, looking at the night sky… What’s not to love?
  19. Lights. Now, I don’t like insanely bright lights. I prefer dim lights, especially if they’re colorful. My mom has a pink bulb she puts in her lamp, and I just love the way it looks.
  20. Glitter. I love glitter because I love highlight. I want to glow like a disco ball. Highlight makes people look angelic, and I love it so much.
  21. Poems. Poems are interesting to me because sometimes you have to decipher them. I think poetry is a way to write your thoughts, as unorganized as they may be, and allow people to create their own interpretation and connection to it.
  22. Clothes. I love clothes. My favorite article of clothing is definitely sweatshirts. They’re baggy, soft, and comfortable. Plus, you can never go wrong with a sweatshirt.
  23. YouTube. Usually in my free time I’m watching YouTube. I watch funny Family Feud videos, makeup tutorials, The Try Guys, and of course, funny animal videos. YouTube is an alternative to television for me.
  24. Christmas. Who doesn’t like Christmas? You get to spend time with the family, eat yummy food, open gifts, decorate the tree, and see everyone happy.
  25. Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is definitely my favorite holiday by far. I love all the red and pink colors, the candy, the flowers, and the atmosphere of love. It makes me really happy.
  26. Houses. Since I was little, I’ve always enjoyed looking at houses. I have no idea why. I’ll even look at houses on Trulia, and I love going to the Parade of Homes. I like looking at the styles and interior design.
  27. Switzerland. In 2016, I went to Switzerland, and it was my favorite place in Europe. The lodges are super cute, the people are very kind, and the food is amazing. We stayed at the Engel Hotel, and our first night there they served us carrot soup. It was the best soup I’ve ever eaten in my life, and I hope to go back someday just to have it. IMG_9454.JPG
  28. Rainbows. Rainbows are pretty, and that’s why I like them.
  29. Cake. I know I’ve already named a lot of foods, but food is great. Cake is one of my favorite desserts. My mom and I make really good vanilla cupcakes, but I’ll pretty much eat any flavor.
  30. Music. I like all genres of music. Music is therapeutic for millions of people, and it’s crazy how sound can have an effect on us, right?
  31. Autumn. Autumn is my favorite season because of the colors! In Texas we don’t see a lot of orange, but I know other states do. Besides the colors, I love the leaves falling, the cool, crisp air, apple cider, hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, sweaters, scarves, everything! Autumn is great.
  32. Pictures. I have thousands of pictures. I think pictures are important because they carry a lot of memories. A picture could remind you of something you’ve forgotten about, and I think that’s really nice.
  33. Texture. This might sound weird, but I pay attention to texture. Whether it be the texture of fabric or food, I notice, and I’m pretty picky about it. There are so many different textures.
  34. Pasta. Pasta is my favorite thing to eat. I love any kind of pasta.
  35. Ballet. Ballet is such a beautiful form of dance. I can’t dance, but I love watching people do pointe.
  36. Movies. I like to watch movies, but I also like to go to the movie theater. It’s a cute, simple date idea. I like the popcorn, soda, and dark theater.
  37. Fireworks. Fireworks are fun to watch. The colors and designs are pretty, and fireworks make everyone happy. Well, unless you’re trying to sleep.
  38. Talking. When I say I enjoy talking, I don’t mean small talk. I prefer deep, meaningful conversations. The topic doesn’t matter much to me, but as long as it’s something you care about.
  39. Teachers. I love and appreciate my teachers so much. I think teachers are extremely underappreciated. We spend a quarter of our lives in school, and our teachers have, in a sense, raised us. They not only teach us about the subjects in school, but they teach us manners and how to be a good person.
  40. Paper Mate gel pens. These are my favorite pens, and anyone I tell about these pens immediately goes to buy them! I love the way they write, and they come in different colors.IMG_8515.jpg
  41. Makeup. I’ve been wearing makeup for years. I like that you can enhance your natural beauty or completely transform yourself. Makeup has become an art, and I love that.
  42. Chic-Fil-A. Chic-Fil-A is my weakness. I love the sweet tea, chicken minis, and buttered biscuits. Excuse me while I wipe my drool.
  43. Blankets. I have probably 15 blankets. I love to bundle up in them, and I like the different designs.
  44. Language. I think language is interesting because not everyone speaks the same one. I wish I could learn all of the languages in the world, but that would take way too long.
  45. Church. I enjoy going to church because I love praise and worship, and I am always happier when I go regularly.
  46. Counseling. I started counseling in August, and it’s really helped me a lot. I find it difficult to talk about my feelings sometimes, but my counselor makes it easier for me.
  47. Babies. Babies are cute, and it’s fun (and a little sad) to watch them grow up.
  48. Love. I’m not a huge fan of PDA, but when you meet the right person, they can bring that out of you. I’m not very affectionate, but I met someone who makes me. Love is a great feeling.
  49. Future. Although thinking about the future can be scary sometimes, it can also be really exciting. I think about the good things I want in the future, and it always hypes me up.
  50. Writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing because it’s easy for me. I’m able to write my thoughts better than I can speak them. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m happy that I have some way to get them out of my head. Writing is a really healthy thing to do, and it can relieve anxiety. It’s like you’re physically getting rid of your worries.

That is a list of 50 things that make me happy. I will look back on this when I’m being negative and think there’s nothing to be happy about. Hopefully you guys enjoy some of these things. Feel free to comment things you enjoy!

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  1. patricknelson750 says:

    Nice list but why the hand sign?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I go to the University of Texas at Austin, and our mascot is a longhorn! That’s the symbol when use. 🙂


      1. patricknelson750 says:

        Aaah yes I know I have seen that before thinking about it. : )

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  2. Blue Settia says:

    Beautiful post! Gel pens make me happy too! 🙂 I have a whole box of them at work.


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